Tue, 01 Dec 2020

Riverdale, NJ - Due to spikes in COVID-19 cases following reopening measures across the country, hospitals may once again be in need of more negatively pressurized isolation rooms than they currently have to treat patients. Leading air filtration industry experts from Camfil USA have applied their decades of experience with biosafety containment to design a multi-functioning, in-room air purification unit that can also create negatively pressurized areas for isolation rooms.

What are Isolation Rooms and Negative Pressure Zones?

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, isolation rooms are designed to contain the spread of pathogens from infected patients. The air pressure within the isolation area is negative relative to adjacent rooms. This prevents air, which may contain dangerous viruses, from flowing out of the room through open doors, windows or even through unseen cracks in the wall as it is blocked by the higher air pressure outside the room.

Hospitals have limited isolation room capacity that can be quickly overwhelmed by increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases. The CamCleaner CC500 provides healthcare facilities with a key piece of equipment required to convert regular rooms into isolation units.

"There's no margin for error when it comes to containment filtration," says Keith Woolard, Product Manager for Containment and CamCleaner Products at Camfil USA. Woolard has over fifteen years of experience in engineering, research, and development in the air filtration and containment industry, with his work at Camfil including highly sensitive biosafety applications for universities and government facilities worldwide. "The product has to perform its design function. Failure is not an option. ."

In a new video "CamCleaner CC500 can be used as a room air purifier or installed to create negatively pressurized isolation areas." by Camfil, Keith Woolard explains the features and development of Camfil's new CamCleaner CC500.

Watch CamCleaner CC500 by Camfil air purifier | installed to create negatively pressurized isolation

The CC500 is able to perform four critical functions; two methods to generate negatively pressurized isolation areas and two methods to recirculate HEPA filtered air.To generate negatively pressurized isolation areas: 1. Using a duct attached with a slip collar, in-room air is exhausted outside generating negative pressure in the room. 2. Mounted interstitially and with slip collar mounted ducts on both intake and exhaust, air can be drawn through the duct and exhausted outside, generating negative pressure. To recirculate HEPA filter air: 1. The portable unit is positioned where needed and draws in air through the bottom, exhausting filtered air through a vented top. 2. When mounted interstitially with slip collar mounted ducts on both intake and exhaust, air is drawn through the duct, filtered and exhausted through a duct back into the originating area. What Industries Can Benefit from CamCleaner CC500 Technology?

In addition to hospitals, the CC500 can improve indoor air quality and reduce infection risks in:

  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Retail spaces
  • Healthcare centers, such as doctors' and dentists' offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Gathering areas

About Camfil Clean Air Solutions

Camfil is driven by the mission that clean air is a human right. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Camfil has been at the forefront of air filtration research and engineering to protect uninfected individuals by keeping the air clean. To find the air purifier solution for COVID-19 and other air quality concerns that best addresses your needs and goals, contact Camfil / https://cleanair.camfil.us/locations/ today.

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