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DORAL, FL / June 25, 2020 / Success isn't something that comes by luck or is simply given. It is gained through smart work and dedication, as well as connections; if passion, good habits, and wide-range vision are added, the result would be the materialization of our goals and dreams.

A great desire to share testimonies, strategies, and tricks to achieve success in entrepreneurship as we know it, led Andres Acasio to want to initiate in the world of leadership and motivational coaching.

In addition, his wish to turn projects into a reality strongly influenced; of passing them from the mind to manifested reality.

He hasn't only been working on being a successful businessman every day; aside from his entrepreneurship,

Acasio is also a motivational coach that has created a safe space for his followers to share their perspective, as well as learn his own tips, tricks and knowledge to set and achieve goals.

Who Is Andres Acasio?

Andres Acasio is a 32 year old entrepreneur, businessman, and leader who has been fully dedicated to motivating masses through various platforms sharing his experiences and beliefs, uplifting messages, and leadership techniques to make their dreams a reality and succeed in life.

Following his great step of migrating to the United States, specifically to the city of Doral, Andres has also been copiously building his company, Acasio Insurance alongside his brother, Angel Acasio. They are both committed to leading the market with their business structure, teamwork and their corporate beliefs, all whilst offering the best health insurance and policies in the area.

Andres and Angel have shared a strong bond and connection since their childhood. They have a 5-year age gap yet they have consolidated their relationship as time has passed, due to their impactful decision of moving to another country, as well as the countless vicissitudes and challenges they both have faced. "More than brothers, we are a team. He has been my accomplice in every entrepreneurship idea that has come up since Acasio Insurance. He is a war horse that has been there regardless of the obstacles that sometimes have appeared. In matters of our dreams, we are very much alike, since we've always longed for the development of a business that can bring peace to our family, and I feel we are achieving it", Andres expresses.

Regarding the Insurance world, for Acasio there have been many impacting experiences, most of all due to the fact that the insurance business is carried out on the street. Andres says: "Many times it is necessary to start your vehicle and travel 5-6 hours to provide your service to that client who lives in Tallahassee and chose you to be his insurance agent. In my case, it was traveling from Miami to go see them, and many times I had to sleep in the car, leave at 6 a.m. from the house, and return at 4 a.m. the next day." However he added that the experiences that have impacted him most are those that had a positive impact on his professional training and have forged the necessary character to be able to overcome what's next.

I saw a client in Homestead, another in Daytona Beach, then another in Tampa, and finally one in Naples, and I did not manage to close any sale! Fortunately, at that time I already understood that success in already managed to close sales with all of the clients I saw on that occasion, and they even referred this race is not measured by results, but by the efforts made; as a curious fact, after 33 days I had me with family members and neighbors to capitalize more business."Amongst his favorite hobbies are making opinion-based podcasts and interviews, to allow as many people as possible to tell their story to the community of listeners that consume that virtual space. He also enjoys strategy video games, since his childhood days, expressing that the first time he played, it was "love at first sight". Andres also enjoys photography and reading. He has been a bookworm since he was a child, and has been passionate about photography arts; even though for him it's a new activity and is in the process of learning, he very much enjoys it.

Andres' Perspective

To be a good motivational coach, it is greatly important to have the ability to empathize with the people to whom you are sending your uplifting messages; to put yourself in their shoes and give them the importance they deserve. "I have noted with some concern that there are coaches who do not take into account the realities that their listeners are living, and that causes the message to be lost in the way", Andres says.

"Another thing to take into consideration are all the events that are happening around us.

For example, your message in this time of COVID-19 has to evolve the realities that the world is living at this moment, in order to empathize with your audience. I also think that it is very important to keep growing and learning because your audience is growing with you,and the moment you stop offering them new tools, you are at risk of ceasing to be useful to them and they will probably stop consuming your message." His next steps are to develop the following divisions of Acasio Insurance, to their maximum level. They have recently started the launch of the division of service to pets, and express that they are quite optimistic and happy with the results that have been obtained so far.

In parallel to his insurance company project, Andres also plans to continue writing conferences filled with useful messages for those who feel aimlessly on the path to success; motivational words of advice that everyone is looking for when they don't know in which direction they should row, in order to achieve their dreams. "I also want to be able to position my digital content projects to reach more and more people, and as long as I can continue to proclaim a useful message to the masses, I will continue to be in love with what I do", he adds.

"I would like to be able to send an extensive message to every corner of the world regarding the fact that, with the correct tools (not only in the United States, but in the country where you are at), you can materialize your objectives from simply visualizing in order to act. I believe that the keys to achieving your dreams are not in a country, in an era, or in a fortuitous situation; they are found within the accumulation of thoughts that are accompanied by the correct actions as well as with strategic direction - That will lead you to your goals! I am not saying that on the way you will stop perceiving obstacles due to having your goals set and clear, I am telling you that those obstacles become impulses when you know what you came to do here in the US, or in any other country. Personally, I try to avoid phrases or thoughts that are classified as cliche, but I have no other formula but to BELIEVE above all the things that you can achieve. Also, wishing each and every one of your dreams with great eagerness, manages to create a magical combination of events that end up taking you to you destination."

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