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There is a press release, dated November 03, 2020, concerning the formula. According to the press release, " Day-to-day stress affects everyone's mental health negatively and depression, self-injurious behavior, suicides, etc. are on the rise. Everyone needs to relax occasionally and also get adequate sleep at night to maintain nerve health. Now, Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies help repair and uplift your neural connections and promote a healthy sleep cycle."

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies impress at the very first glance due to their unique appearance. They are packed in containers with a millennial-oriented, boldly designed label, yet at the same time, they look professional. As soon as one opens a bottle of these gummies, their delicious look will continue to surprise.

What About the Name Sunday Scaries CBD?

Sunday Scaries CBD is a health company founded by two former bartenders, Beau and Mike, who wanted to find the best solution for people to no longer feel anxious, stressed, and nervous. The two were experiencing a lot of stress at their job when it was suggested by a friend to try CBD so that they could unwind. After experiencing the amazing calming effects of this hemp ingredient, they started studying on CBD, contacted health experts, began a collaboration with them, and put together the Sunday Scaries CBD, a company with a name that reminds everyone how difficult Sundays can be, especially when there's another long week of business beginning the next day.

Why Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies?

First, let's see what makes Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies even more special:

The Most Accurate Dosage

A bottle of Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies contains 200 mg of CBD and 20 gummies. Each gummy delivers precisely 10 mg of the miraculous hemp ingredient, which is the perfect dosage for calming down and feeling relaxed.

Combat Anxiety and Depression

There are many amazing uses for CBD, but perhaps the most popular ones are fighting increased anxiety, relieving stress, and curing depression. This is because many people nowadays are dealing with all these problems. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies have been developed to target these issues first and foremost.

Hemp from the Most Trustworthy Sources

All the hemp from which the CBD for Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies gets extracted is organically cultivated, grown, and harvested in Colorado, USA. This doesn't only ensure there's no THC in the gummies but also that the supplements are of the highest quality. Colorado is famous all over the world for having the best industrial hemp and marijuana farms.

Packed with Essential Vitamins

Not only Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, but all Sunday Scaries CBD products are packed with vitamins D3 and B12 for improving immunity and supporting the nervous systems. Besides, both these vitamins are known to help fight against anxiety and depression, so they're a great addition to CBD when it comes to such support.

Sunday Scaries CBD GummiesSunday Scaries CBD Gummies

The Role of Vitamins B12 and D3 in Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

All of the ingredients present in Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are CBD, Vitamins B12 and D3, natural flavoring and coloring, citric acid, coconut oil, sodium, gelatin, and sugar. While CBD is the primary ingredient, vitamins D3 and B12 have their own many health benefits to provide as well:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is indispensable for the human organism and very complex. The most important role that it plays in keeping people healthy goes is supporting the nervous system. People who are vitamin B12 deficient experience some serious brain problems are depressed and all the time anxious.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 deficiency appears when a person is spending too much time indoors and almost not in the sunlight, breathing in the fresh air. Its symptoms are muscle and joint pain, fatigue, poor concentration, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure levels, and weight gain.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Benefits

Millions know the health benefits provided by CBD. While Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are especially created to deliver anxiety and stress relief, the Sunday Scaries gummies come in several orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon, and apple flavors.

They're also incredibly effective for:

  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Protecting the brain from neural damage
  • Relieving pain as well
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Reducing inflammation

Since these gummies have been specially developed to relieve anxiety, they can also be used by people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They don't contain any THC trace that makes them suitable for consumption at school, work, even when exercising or driving. Any man or woman above 18 years old can take Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, regardless of their dietary restrictions and constraints, seeing the products are non-allergic. For vegans, there's the Sunday Scaries Vegan CBD Gummies option. Since CBD has been successfully used to alleviate epilepsy seizures and relieve Parkinson's disease's symptoms, Sunday Scaries CBD delivers in this direction as well. Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies have absolutely no side effects, as they're 100% natural and don't contain any toxic or artificial ingredients. However, first-time CBD users shouldn't take too many of them a day to start. After their body becomes used to CBD, they can increase the dosage without any problems, according to their needs.

Purchase Sunday Scaries CBD GummiesPurchase Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Purchase Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

The Sunday Scaries website has a friendly and responsive interface, funny content, and a clean design. The products, Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies included, are presented in separate sections. There's also a very informative FAQ area from which people new to CBD can gain valuable knowledge on this ingredient. Furthermore, the site has a section for lab results that have shown about CBD, terpenes, and even the company's products. Ordering Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies is straightforward and easy, no matter if the customer is buying a subscription, in bulk, or makes a one-time purchase. All orders come with free shipping. It should be noted there's no shipping outside the US.

Here's the price breakdown for Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies:

Customers who want to benefit from the money-back guarantee offered with the gummies should contact Sunday Scaries CBD customer service before making any return to find out what they need to do to be eligible for a full refund.

Here are the address and contact details for the company's customer service:

  • Company Address: 1495 Pacific Hwy. Ste #375 San Diego CA 92101

  • Phone: 619-892-7174

  • Email address:

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