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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2020 / Max Muir is a young entrepreneur that is rapidly rising in the branding and marketing space.

He got his start in network marketing in his late teens/early 20's and found some success there. This is mainly where he developed his love for entrepreneurship and how he learned to connect with people. The mentors that he met early on in that business helped shape who he is today. From there, Max found the digital marketing and branding industry through his close friend and business partner, Michael Hummel. Now his obsession is helping entrepreneurs and professionals scale their businesses by creating authority and credibility online.

Through his experiences in several different industries, Max has seen a lot of entrepreneurs 'come and go', simply because they give up too soon.

Here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. Unrealistic Expectations. When embarking on anything new, it is unfair to yourself to expect results to go a certain way within a particular time frame, and this is especially true in business.

'We see a friend or someone we follow on Instagram make their first $10,000 within a month or two of business, and suddenly we think that's the 'norm'. You start to think if you don't replicate that then you must have done everything all wrong,' Max says.

The reality is that new skills take a different amount of time for each individual to learn. Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and realize that results only come as fast as you can learn, understand, and consistently put action forward.

In business, you make money when you provide value. The more value you provide to the market, the more money you will make. Providing value in business happens when you provide solutions to others that help them progress.

2. Lost Sight Of 'Why'. In the beginning of a new business venture, there's excitement around all of the possibilities and potential results. As you dive deeper into actually setting up and running a business, the level of excitement can start to decrease. Why?

For most new entrepreneurs, they have never seen what the day-to-day process of what building a company actually looks like. Most business owners don't post videos of the countless 'No's' they get or the time spent piecing together systems and ideas. They have never dealt with unhappy clients or the major issues that come up...but what they do see is the screenshots of revenue growth or big wins. This can be misleading.

Once one begins their journey as a business owner, it's typical to experience multiple days of hard effort with no results. This is not bad, because it's normal to experience.

'This is when people realize that it's not as easy as they first thought it'd be,' Max says.

If one doesn't really know why they started their business and they don't have a solid vision for why they'll continue when things get challenging, then it's likely their journey won't last long. Your reasoning for building a company has to be bigger than yourself and making money.

3. Consistency and Patience. We are in a time where people have so many distractions and sources of instant gratification. Max believes that if results take longer than expected to achieve for the newer entrepreneur, then frustration will creep in.

'Being ambitious is both a blessing and a curse,' Max says.

Ambition will make you work hard because you so urgently want to progress, but it can also make you expect an instant return on that work.

As Bill Gates says, 'Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years'

To see growth, you have to be consistent. Change and results compound over time.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you need to be the most ambitious, optimistic, and patient person. Max believes that success needs to be redefined… it isn't when you hit a certain net worth or position, but it is an ongoing process of growth.

To find out more about Max, find him on Instagram @max__muir alongside his company @establish.

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